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citrix seminar 16 april 2008, grand hyaat jakarta

Dear All, kemarin saya mengikuti seminar citrix di Grand Hyaat Jakarta tanggal 16 April 2008 dari jam 09.30 – 17.15

yesterday, i’d just join citrix seminar at Grand Hyaat Jakarta on 16th April 2008, 09-30AM-17.15

Opening Screen oleh Mr. Yaj Malik, Area Vice President – ASEAN Citrix System
Ditambah dengan sedikit demo aplikasi citrix oleh Mr. Philip Tang (senior Systems Enginerr Citrix Systems) dan Mr. Cf.Chew (Senior Systems Engineer Citrix Systems)

Open Screen by Mr Yaj Malik , Area Vice President – ASEAN Citrix System
plus a citrix demo by Mr. Philip Tang (senior Systems Enginerr Citrix Systems) and Mr. Cf.Chew (Senior Systems Engineer Citrix Systems)

first of all, i wasn’t sure, what is citrix, i figured out that citrix was the same application just like rdp, or real vnc bla bla bla and so on, but thats old days! today my eyes has opened, citrix is far more than beyond

Pada akhir nya saya sudah mengerti Citrix itu apa, karena sabelumnya saya mengasumsikan citrix itu tidak ada bedanya dengan remote desktop biasa, atau menggunakan Real VNC.

You can call citrix is amazing, works everywhere, works anywhere and securely, thats using 5 best practice of citrix, xenapp is a citrix application that works on server side and client side… but sorry yesterday the presenter did not show the clientside demos

Citrix bisa di katakan work everywhere and anywhere, kita bisa menjalankan aplikasi program di mana saja, baik di cafe maupun di rumah.
XenApp adalah aplikasi citrix di mana aplikasi tersebut ada 2 macam yaitu server side dan client side (tapi kebetulan kemarin tidak ada demo yang client side)

Server side, take an example, i have a windows xp client, without any application install within, then i connect to citrix server, our admin just prepared the aplication that suitable for me, and showed the browser my application after i connected it

Untuk yang server side, misalkan saya memiliki komputer windows xp tanpa memiliki instal program sama sekali, saya connect ke server citrix, admin citrix telah menyediakan aplikasi yang bisa dijalankan di datacenter. Setelah saya connect ke server citrix, muncul tampilan browser di mana akan tampil link aplikasi program yang boleh saya jalankan.

double click the link, and say the magic words, the applications works fine, withour any installation procedure!!! high speed to load. this application is working on server, but i just see the screen shoot and works interactifily!

Saya double klik program tersebut lalu, abrakadabra… programnya langsung jalan… tanpa perlu install, dan speed nya lumayan cepat., programnya sebenarnya jalannya di server namun yang muncul di client hanya screen shootnya saja, (mungkinseperti real VNC)

the next ability of xenapp is the device support, i just plug the usb printer on my laptop, and print it (i mean the application report) and works! that is not real vnc can do

Kehebatan citrix xenapp selanjutnya adalah device interface yang support untuk client, maksudnya setelah saya menjalankan program yang saya butuhkan, saya bisa langsung cetak di komputer lokal saya. Ini yang tidak dipunyai oleh real vnc

Jadi apakah ini hampir sama dengan remote desktopnya windows? beda, rdp itu data masuk ke komputer kita, dan komputer kita seakan2 adalah server…. tapi citrix beda, komputer tetap komputer klien… namun muncul aplikasi yang sebenarnya hanya bisa jalan di server.

so how about RDP? is it the same style?? nope, rdp means we connect to server and do something at server. citrix is different, i am still using my laptop, and my document, and application (but some how the application was from server)

Selain itu ada 1 yang benar2 hebat dari citrix, yaitu log history, bentuknya berupa file video, wow keren.

and this one is incredible, the log history of citrix log was stored on video application … WOW!!!!

Citrix di install di server, lisensi tergantung dari klien yang menggunakan citrix system ini (menurut Mr. Chew)

Dalam kesempatan itu pula saya berbincang-bincang langsung dengan Mr. Chew.
Me : Mr. Chew, right now i am working at property companies that need a mobile application, is this application will be a big network problems if we using it over internet protocols?
Mr. Chew : No, Absolutly not. Citrix systems use a small bandwidth to run it, try to using a VSAT or dial up application to run the programs
Me : So I do not need to install my application programs when i am working at home?
Mr. Chew : yup, you don’t need it
Me : But how about the licence, it would be count as one when i logged or counted as one even i am not using it?
Mr. Chew : It will counted when users connect to datacenter citrix systems
Me : and btw, you just talking about thin client, did it makes a difference when i am using linux os for the client, does it have the same screen when i am using windows os?
Mr. Chew : this one is for Desktop Virtualization, that’s not matter you using any OS, it just depend on the server OS only
Me : thanks for the discuss Mr. Chew, Hopefully we meet again some day
Mr. Chew : sure… just asking to our staff or to me if you need more information
(Mr Chew gave me his business card)

log on to citrix.com for more information

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