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Dilbert and College Presentation, 19 april 2008

I love dilbert strips, smart jokes and happens to all of us.
what should i say about dilbert, the boss, the serpent, etc… makes me laugh (and smile)

ups back to college presentation:

let’s start a little review at this presentation:
p#2. Strategic Management and Business Policy
there are four steps in this strategic, there are:

  1. Enviromental Scanning
    • this step are look for external aspects, Opportunites and Threat
    • Look for Social Environment such as General Forces
    • Seek the Task Environment using Industrial Analysis
    • What organization structure they had
    • Provide the culture, beliefs, expectation value
    • and last, focussed on assets, skills, competencies knowledges
  2. Strategy Formulation
    • Mission
      • Reason to Exists
    • Objectives
      • what result is accomplish here
    • Strategies
      • plan to achieve the mission and objectives
    • Policies
      • Broad the guidelines for decision making
  3. Strategy Implementation
    • Programs
      • activities needed to accomplish the plan
    • Budget
      • cost of the programs
    • Procedures
      • Sequences of step needed to do the jobs
  4. Evaluating and Controls
    • Actual Result
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