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aos instance limited concurrent user

tadi sempat browsing mengenai instance aos,
jika di satu server diinstal banyak aos, dan dibedakan portnya, maka bila aos nya tadinya beda dikembalikan ke port asal yaitu 2172, maka kadang2 ada masalah di concurrent user

padahal license nya ga dilihat dari concurrent user atau user name

dynamics ax pada dasarnya untuk user name nya diinstall dalam 1 database yang sama dengan erp databasenya, sehingga, tidak disarankan untuk menginstall banyak database dalam 1 erp yang sama (intercompany),

berikut ini saya copas saja yah masalah dan solusinya:


Concurrent number of “AOS” exceeds the number license in Ax30 AOS


I was using Ax30SP4KR1 and I am configuring an AOS server to run 2 AOS instances (AOS01 and AOS02) to use same application and database. I am having 3 AOS license for my Axapta. At the begining I was trying to set the AOS01 instance using default port number 2712 and AOS02 instance using port number 2713. It was working fine at the begining until I go and change my AOS02 instance port number to 2712 and restart the instance. After that I was not able to start my AOS02 instance even I try to set the port number back to 2713.


I found this message “Object Server AOS02: Concurrent number of AOS’ for this application exceeds the licensed number.” in my event viewer.


Below is my questions:


  1. Why AOS keep giving me exceeds AOS license even though I had the valid number of AOS license?
  2. How can I start my AOS02 instance without shutting down the all my AOS instances?
  3. Is there any hotfixes or patches for this problem?
  4. Can I configure my different AOS instances using the same port number? e.g using the default port number for all my AOS instances. Or I have to configure them using different port number?


Your advice or comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.


Axapta is counting the number of instances and not the number of physical
machines on which an object-server is installed.
This information is stored in a file named axdat.udb. Sometimes it happens
that AX doesn´t decrease the counted number of running instances.
So stop AOS; delete axdat.udb; start AOS

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