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You can’t have unallocated cost on a planning item – ax 2012

I got similar problem on ax 2012

“You can’t have unallocated cost on a planning item”


while Im doing inventory calculation

Im searching on net, why it would happen, it happens because The error always occurs when it is trying to pass an adjustment through a production order (“Batch order”).  Every other month we encounter this issue so we customized it to tell us the production order number

for reference by dynamics ax trix: click here, but it only solved on ax 2009, not on ax 2012

so i need to figure other alternative solution about this case because I am using ax 2012 (note: the solution may different by any case)

and my solution is:

  1. check if the item in production type is formula or not, if not, change it to formula
  2. open code \Classes\InventCostItemDim.addFormulaKeyAdjustment()
  3. see line containing “throw error(“@PRO997″);”
  4. this error happens while it has difference adjustment and amount that allocate because of rounding
  5. the solution key is in 2 modules that must be modified:



after the code change, i do resume calculation, and this is what happened.



summary: the problem is because rounding problem, decround, putting syntax decround in x++ on wrong line can cause alot of problem,

but be careful, what I did is changing source in sys and fpp layer, please ask your consultant before changing this layer

please have a comment

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