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ax 2012, SSRS not working, login failed

SSRS is not working, it shows error like this:

The report server has encountered a configuration error. Logon failed for the unattended execution account. (rsServerConfigurationError)

what should you do is:

  1. check your report server setting, and validate it (system administration –> setup –> business intelligence –> reporting services –> report servers)20150625-1038
  2. if error still occurred, then check the SSRS security folder, click the internet icon right of report manager URL 20150625-1044 20150625-1046
  3. click site setting –> security 20150625-1047
  4. if the ax aos login does not exists in list, create new role assignment for aos login, in my case is hpg\admin
  5. do the same in folder setting security and dynamics folder security 20150625-105020150625-1051
  6. then restart the SQL Server reporting Services, also, if not work, restart the aos
  7. if these solution still has the same error, the last thing you must do is SSRS access has problem
  8. go to reporting services configuration manager setting20150625-1053
  9. make sure that user and password is correct, if you don’t sure, just retype the user and password and press OK 20150625-1054
  10. restart the SSRS and AOS,
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