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notexists join in ax 2012 x++

you have 2 tables, the first table contains ‘123’ record and the second table do not

the question: how to view table in first table that not contains record in second table

case: I want to know, what item that is not in sales

in basic sql:

declare @dataareaid varchar(4);
set @dataareaid = 'Tes';
  inventtable a
  left join salesline b
    on a.dataareaid=b.dataareaid
      and a.itemid=b.itemid
  and b.itemid is null
order by 

so, the record will show the item that are not in sales line.

how about in x++ version? we used notexist join

this is the code

select inventtable
  notExists join salesline
    where inventtable.itemid==salesline.itemid

now, the problem is time, how much did it take for loading all these data?

in sql server, it takes for 16ms


when i Tried to test on ax, it loads for 3-4 seconds

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