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clustered AOS for Load Balancer

what is Load Balancer, If you do have more than 2 AOS license, you could use Load Balancer for ax balancing,

this is tutorial to set the balancer

1. Go to System administration –> Setup –> System –> Server Configuration


see on the top picture, I have 3 AOS license, I will set the 03@PH-SVR33 as Load Balancer

2. go to System Administration –> Setup –> System –> Cluster Configuration


4. Stop the 03@ph-svr33 service

5. Create New Cluster, name it Load Balanced AOS


5. Change the cluster Name on 03@ph-svr33



6. Ctrl+S to save records, start the 03@PH-SVR33 aos

restart AX Client, feel the difference

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